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Courses Available
As we all know, the best way to improve a language is total immersion – that is to say spending time in a foregin country, having contact with the native people, actually living the language.

The English Learning Centre’s Javea Summer School, offers an opportunity for students from other countries to follow a 2-3 week intensive Spanish course on the picturesque Costa Blanca commencing each year in July.

The Students learning English attend classes from 09:00 to 13:30 where they will work to better their English in all aspects; grammar, pronounciation, expression etc.. The course is focused on giving the students as much exposure as possible to the language, and with this in mind the entire day will be spent speaking English – whether at school, on the beach, in the pool, wherever they are, they are expected to try and express themselves in English.

Plaza de CaudillioHost Families
The students will live with a Spanish family, either individually or in pairs, living the language and putting into practise what they have learned.

The success of the course depends in large on the attitude of the students. If they are prepared to make an effort to speak Spanish and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity then we are sure that everyone will be more than happy with the results. Our best recommendation is the students themselves who return to us year after year.

Teacher Inspection Trips
An inspection weekend is available for teachers wishing to visit us here in Javea or Valencia, where they can see first hand how the course is organised, see where some of the students will stay and meet the staff who will teach and organise the course. PlazaThe benefits of such a visit are numerous and will answer many questions about the quality and effectivness of what we do.

The cost of the teacher inspection weekend will be refunded on bookings of 15 or more students.

We are sure you will not be disappointed